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Connected Health (CH) is the collective terms for telecare, telemedicine, mHealth, digital health and eHealth services. CH involves the convergence of health technology, digital, media and mobile telecommunications and is increasingly seen as an integral part of the solution to many of the challenges facing the health, social care and wellness sectors, especially in enabling more effective integration of care.

CH seeks to improve people’s ability to self-manage their health and well-being, alert healthcare professionals to changes in their condition and support medication adherence. CH has the potential to disrupt the current model of care in a manner which is beneficial to both the patient and the system. It is anticipated that the methodology developed for Huntington’s Disease (HD) in this project will be transferable to other rare diseases (RD) and diseases with shared symptoms such as tremors, falls, mental health issues, swallowing difficulties.

Two main outcomes will emanate from this project: 1) An integrated technology-enabled care pathway for HD which will outline what, when and how technology can optimise HD patients future care and well-being; and 2) A methodology which is transferable to RD and diseases with similar symptoms which can be applied to facilitate the identification of where CH solutions may intervene to optimise patient care and well-being. To successfully achieve this it will be necessary to bring together expertise, skills and knowledge from across the globe in a multi/interdisciplinary and intersectoral way.